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Patrick J. Russell is an author of fiction and nonfiction books. His work: the novel, One Pink Muscle to Go, a dark, raunchy, existential, comedy. The science-fiction trilogy, Sharks from Mars. Three nonfiction books on consumer rights under the pen name, G.B. Taken: Bad Bankers, Consumer Shock and Up Consumer Creek without a Paddle.

Patrick has been legally blind since the early 1990’s. His vision is limited to one eye and he uses assistive technology. He's an avid “reader” of talking books. Interests include: history of all kinds; comparative mythology; philosophy; politics; economics; current affairs; biographies, etc. Favorite authors: Hunter S. Thompson; Tom Robbins; Mark Twain; Joseph Campbell; Norman Davies; Douglas Brinkley; Malcolm Gladwell; David McCullough and Michael Beschloss, to name a few. For a little more insight, Patrick has been able to recite all the presidents of the United States and their vice presidents since he was a kid. Name a president and he can name the VP or VP's, or why they didn't have one at all. Then, there's all the unsolicited synoptic history that goes along with such things. A "friend," enduring the practice over the years, said it's nothing a hammer can't fix. Not to worry, Patrick can defend himself, he began studying martial arts as a wee pup, in 1972. He taught Chinese martial arts until 2001. Also, Patrick is a lifelong journalism junkie that consumes news from all over the world. He's a huge music fan that's into listening to entire albums.

Patrick writes every day. He is available for freelance and ghostwriting work. Willing to write anything, as long as the price is right. He's your guy if you want to see your name on a book or a trilogy. Impress friends, influence people and always have an opening line at a party by saying, "I'm the author of the trilogy, Attack of the Zombie Penguins from the Andromeda Galaxy." If your writing needs are more along the line of content for a site or periodical, then you're in the right place. Nonfiction or fiction, at any length. Purchase original, well-researched content. Contact

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