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Sharks from Mars Trilogy
By West Virginia Author Patrick J. Russell

Sharks from Mars Book 1

In 2317 the Mars colonization project comes under attack. Bloodthirsty creatures from the depths of the “Red Planet” zero-in on the inhabitants. Can Earth survive the horror that is Sharks from Mars?

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Sharks from Mars Book 2:
The Battle for Earth

Just when everyone thought the world was free of the deadliest invasive species ever known… they return. Humanity finds itself fighting for its very survival as monsters from Mars devastate the planet once again. An infestation of global proportions by nearly indestructible creatures is the greatest challenge mankind has ever faced. Captain Kate Murphy leads the way in the battle for Earth. A 24th century action-packed adventure.

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Sharks from Mars Book 3:
Return to Mars

People return to Mars despite an international ban prohibiting missions to the planet. An eccentric quadrillionaire bankrolls a transgenic project that requires extracting genetic material from Martian creatures. Kate Murphy finds herself pitted against her longtime friend Johnny Deluca in Sharks from Mars 3: Return to Mars.

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