One Pink Muscle to Go
is a dark, raunchy, existential comedy about the stratification of society; unforgiving big business, socially acceptable insanity and a search for a reality where one can live and find happiness in the midst of it all…and there's the timeless wisdom, always appreciate and support your local strippers.

Rivertown, West Virginia was not prepared for the return of Abigail “Abby” O'Shea. The once sleepy town along the Monongahela River opposite Stillwell, West Virginia, and its university are changing forever by a seemingly overwhelming confluence of events. All is not as it appears, as the “new normal” has come home to roost in a community completely transformed since O'Shea’s childhood.

The arrival of numerous big box stores, myriad franchise retailers, countless video gambling shops, the horde of frackers descending on the region and the ever-expanding institute of higher education, result in a continuous remaking of the landscape and its residents. This, while a disturbing number of people succumb to pharmaceutically induced deaths.

It could be any town in America except for the extraordinary dynamics in play that make it a story that could only take place in Rivertown, West Virginia. The fast-expanding hamlet sits atop an old burning coal mine as investors, property developers and others pour in by the day.   

Beautiful young women make their way through life stripping. A local mining and natural gas tycoon, Baron Hardinger, has difficulty with his ornamental hermit as stockholders hound him for answers on some very shaky investments. Emmett Lee Ray, the overworked unappreciated multitasking dynamo that serves as mayor, chief of police and fire chief, discovers that things are escalating far beyond his abilities as the pace of life in the small town quickens. A self-righteous preacher and his frenzied unforgiving flock prove to be an explosive mixture in this apocalyptic tale of the America Dream.



Special Thanks to Nick Willett for the cover art!